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Logo Bezel for MacBook Pro M1 M2 Pro/Max Retina 14-inch A2442 A2779

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Model:A2442 MacBook Pro 14" M1
Adhesive:With Adhesive

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Battery (> 80% health)


WiFi & Bluetooth


Enhance the aesthetic allure of your MacBook Pro 14-inch (models A2442 and A2779) with our premium replacement Logo Bezel. This high-quality part is perfect for those moments when your current Logo Bezel is cracked or broken. Its superior construction helps restore the sleek, polished look of your MacBook Pro, enriching its overall appearance.

Compatibility: Our replacement Logo Bezel has been meticulously engineered to integrate seamlessly with the MacBook Pro 14-inch models A2442 and A2779. It ensures a perfect fit, thus retaining the original aesthetic charm of your device.

Installation Difficulty: The replacement process of this part can be challenging. If you are uncertain about performing the replacement yourself, we strongly recommend seeking advice from us or consulting a local technician. This ensures a proper and smooth installation, protecting your MacBook Pro from potential mishaps during the procedure.

Warranty: We take pride in the quality of our products and provide a comprehensive warranty for our replacement Logo Bezel. All information regarding our return policy and warranty conditions can be found at the footer of our website.

Refresh the look of your MacBook Pro with our top-quality replacement Logo Bezel, guaranteeing your device maintains its premium, stylish appearance.

Please Note: It's essential to confirm the compatibility of this replacement part with your specific MacBook Pro model before purchasing. If you need any assistance or have any questions, our dedicated customer service team is on standby to help.